Marienforum Frankfurt

The first address on Mainzer Landstrasse

Together with the neighbouring Marienturm, the Marienforum with its newly designed public Marienplatz plaza forms the Marieninsel ensemble in the middle of Frankfurt’s Central Business District. The building with its high-quality façade of light-coloured natural stone presents itself as an elegant office building with its own characteristics. The towers at the two corners of the Marienforum mark the spacious entrances. The main tenant for the Marienforum, Bethmann Bank / ABN AMRO, was brought on board even before completion.

Cultivating Work

“Cultivating Work” is the phrase used to define the aspirations for atmosphere and the quality of time spent here throughout the entire development of the Marieninsel, which multiple award-winning designer Patricia Urquiola translated into unique interior design in the public areas. Part of this concept is also the varied hospitality offerings that encourage visitors to explore the urban space of the Marienplatz with its extensive outdoor terraces.

Marienforum facts and figures
  • Location
    Frankfurt am Main
  • Use
    Office, hospitality, Marienplatz public plaza
  • Architecture
    Thomas Müller Ivan Reimann Architekten Interior design Patricia Urquiola
  • Investor
    Aermont Capital
    Generali Real Estate und Poste Vita
  • GFA
    14.300 m²
  • Realization
  • Awards
    LEED Platinum certificate
    Immobilien Marketing Award
    European Property Awards
    German Design Award
    iF Design Award
    Iconic Award