From innovative concept to successful Transaction.

Pecan Development develops challenging projects on any scale in the real estate segments of office, residential, and hotels, not to mention complete urban districts. Our many years of experience and the interplay of various disciplines enable us to successfully realize projects across the complete real-estate lifecycle estate.

Forward-thinking project Development

Good project development hinges on duly dovetailing complementary areas of activity. From analysis to conceptualization, securing financing, planning, and execution, all the way through to marketing, Pecan Development covers the entire range of services.

When it comes to implementation, we develop the optimal structure for the project and its financing. What’s more, we are also a reliable partner in management phases and real estate workout tasks. Thanks to the interdisciplinary skills and experience of our team, we are able to guarantee consistently high quality – even in complex project developments.

Our services at a glance


  • In-depth market analysis
  • Customized product development
  • Optimal sustainability strategy
  • Proven business plan
  • Creation of efficient organizational structures


  • Securing outside capital and equity
  • Transparency for capital backers and banks


  • Coordination with stakeholders
  • Obtaining building permission
  • Scheduling and budget planning
  • Ongoing optimization of planning parameters


  • Contract award and supervision of construction
  • Coordination of all project parties
  • Schedule, quality, and cost controls


  • Personalized marketing strategy
  • Developing and supporting tenants
  • Structuring/supporting transaction processes