Sustainble project development

Developing added value.

Pecan Development designs spaces for living and working in an urban context. With our interdisciplinary team, we work day in, day out to recognize potential in the urban setting and to transform it responsibly into vibrant environments. This is how we realize sustainable real estate projects of lasting value.

Our Conviction

We see ourselves as an impulse generator and co-designer of new urban spaces.With a holistic perspective and innovative concepts, we question classic solutions and follow our vision. In doing so, we set high standards for ourselves and our projects, convincing with creative ideas, professional qualifications, and personal integrity.

Our Focus

From our locations in Frankfurt and Berlin, we bring our expertise to bear in four asset classes: office, residential, urban districts, and hotels. As part of this, we anticipate current developments and always place the needs of future users at the heart of our plans. Our projects are based on quality in execution and cooperation in a spirit of partnership. We stand for openness, honesty, and mutual respect. We are convinced that these values are also the foundation for lasting commercial success.

Our Responsibility

We are strongly conscious of our special responsibility when developing urban spaces.

The ESG Environmental, Social and Governance criteria thus form the basis for all our decision-making, from conceptualization of our projects right through to operation of the built facilities. We consistently search for pioneering solutions that go well beyond the usual industry standards. In this way, we create sustainable value for all the stakeholders involved.

Pecan Management

Markus Brod

Managing Partner

Before founding Pecan Development, real estate economist and industrial engineer Markus Brod managed the Rhine-Main branch of HOCHTIEF Projektentwicklung for six years. There, he was responsible for the completion and marketing of the existing project portfolio, as well as the acquisition and realization of new projects. These include the Loftwerk and the Börsentor, as well as the EuropaQuartett, BelVerde, and BelVista residential developments in Frankfurt. Previously, Brod worked at OFB for eight years as a project developer in various functions up to branch manager.

Jan Kunze

Managing Partner

Jan Kunze can look back on more than 20 years in the real estate sector. As an architect, he worked initially in Berlin before completing an MSc. in Project Development (University College London) in 2005. Until 2008, he worked as a project developer at Pocket Living Ltd. in London. Between 2008 and 2014, he was responsible for projects such as TriCon, Börsentor, EuropaQuartett, and Marieninsel as project developer and head of business development at HOCHTIEF Projektentwicklung Rhein-Main. In 2014, he took over as head of commercial project development for the HTP branches North and Berlin-Brandenburg.

Rüdiger Lehmann

Managing Partner

Rüdiger Lehmann has a long corporate history with HOCHTIEF Aktiengesellschaft. After completing a degree in civil engineering, he began his career there as a construction and project manager in 1996. Before taking over as head of project management at HOCHTIEF Projektentwicklung’s Rhine-Main branch in 2008, he was responsible for numerous residential and office real estate projects in the Rhine-Main region, such as the expansion of the Steigenberger Airport Hotel, the “Vier Schulen” PPP project in Frankfurt, and the KOMM shopping centre in Offenbach.

„Our team combines interdisciplinary skills with many years of experience, and the pursuit of outstanding quality with responsible action.“

Markus Brod, Managing Partner

Meet the Team

Philipp Struth

Senior Real Estate Developer

Claudia Winke

Marketing Manager

Kirsten Adam

Senior Project Manager

Renate Silny

Project Manager

Elena Heinrich

Real Estate Developer

Thomas Apelt

Senior Project Manager

Björn Bölter

Technical Manager

Fred Sass

Senior Project Manager

Simone Gray

Human resources and Project controlling

Anja Demessieur

Project Controller

Lino Kagel-Schüber

Project Manager

Rebecca Jost

Finance Manager

Patrick Böhm

Project Manager

Leon Becker

Real Estate Developer

Anne Blumenstein

Senior Real Estate Developer

Carola Akar

Office Manager

Marten Schwinge

Real Estate Developer