Dockyard Berlin

The Sustainable Flagship Office at Osthafen

Berlin’s Osthafen with its interplay of historic warehouses and modern residential and office buildings has developed into one of the most attractive office locations. Dockyard is being realised in a unique waterfront location, directly adjacent to the river Spree in the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district. Realized in sustainable, climate-friendly and resource-efficient wood hybrid structure with a focus on work-life-balance and well-being. Dockyard is designed as an inspiring space for people with an ecologically responsible lifestyle and is aimed for companies that wish to set an example in terms of sustainability. Completed by a flexible utilization concept, Dockyard creates ideal conditions for a future-oriented working cosmos.

Net-zero operations

The combination of the wood hybrid structure and other CO2-saving measures make a major contribution to the building’s sustainability. The wood hybrid structure and its eye-catching pillars and trusses are merely the most visible components. The hybrid ceiling‘s steel beams are made from “green” steel. Furthermore low-carbon concrete is used. Thanks to an innovative energy concept with a large ice storage system as the central element, and the use of the environmental energy sources geothermal energy, the sun and ambient air the Dockyard is climate-neutral in its entire operation.


Dockyard facts and figures
  • Location
  • Use
    Office, conference, hospitality
  • Architecture
    Tchoban Voss
  • Investor
    Aermont Capital
  • BGF
    approx. 32,000 m²
  • Realization
  • Certification expected
    LEED Platin
    LEED Zero Carbon
    BEG 55 EE

    WiredScore Platin
    Well Platin