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Pecan Development designs and realises developments in inner-city locations, pooling expertise from extensive experience in real estate management. Pecan Development sees itself as a driving force behind urban development, with a clear understanding of the responsibilities which come with this role and the diverse areas of interests which it spans. Creating locations in which to live and work in an urban setting is instrumental in shaping urban structures and districts. [Read on]


At Pecan Development we are all focused on the common aim of successful property development. We understand what factors are important to such success, and we have organised our company accordingly. [Read on]


The Marienturm tower, the Marienforum and the Marienplatz square together make up the urban development project at the Marieninsel site in the heart of Frankfurt's banking district. Directly at Taunusanlage and Mainzer Landstrasse, the two exceptional property development projects Marienturm and Marienforum are in progress under the direction of Pecan Development, which is overseeing the development of this exclusive business address in Frankfurt on behalf of an international investor. [Read on]


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